Obbi Lite is a software platform can help you get staff back to work  Safely and  Effectively.

OBBI Solutions, an multi award-winning, Northern Ireland based IT company has launched the online platform which can help employers who need to re-open their businesses but are concerned about the consequences of doing so.

The company has launched “OBBI Lite” which specifically and exclusively deals with the challenges of restarting business after temporary closure due to Covid-19. The company is giving OBBI Lite away for free to Manufacturing, Construction and Food Processing employers to offer immediate help in getting staff back to work safely and effectively, as the UK government prepares to begin lifting lockdown measures.

A large construction company is already using OBBI Lite as it returns safely from Lockdown, and Manufacturing NI has referred to OBBI Lite as a ‘comprehensive and extremely useful solution’.

OBBI’s Chief Technical Officer, John Paul McCorley said the platform is available to Manufacturing, Construction and Food Processing companies with between 100 to 1500 members of staff.

“ OBBI Lite allows employers to bring their staff back to work with confidence by helping them distribute, manage and digitally sign off new policies and procedures around Covid-19, helping to stay compliant with new rules and regulations. The platform offers practical information on handwashing, PPE use, social distancing, health screening and working practises. Employees can be continuously tested on those regulations as well as complete daily Covid pre checks, so they understand what is required to work safely”

He continued,

“It brings together details of government restrictions, regulations and forward plans, as well as details from representative organisations in the Manufacturing, Food Processing and Construction industries. We recognise the immediate need for getting these key sectors back as quickly but most importantly, as safely as possible. We are offering OBBI Lite for free which will host standard guidance and checks which we believe will be an indispensable tool for companies. However, we recognise that many companies will want to upload, distribute, and have teams sign off their own policies, procedures and check lists, which can be done at a nominal fee”.

“OBBI Lite users will get access to pre-loaded Covid safety content for all staff who can then validate that they have seen it whilst testing for both learning and competence. We have included access to pre-loaded Covid checklists including cleaning, PPE allocation & compliance checklists and an individual Covid health screening check which can be distributed to any member of staff daily and signed off digitally. As an added extra we have given users access to posters showing safe working practices. This is all accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time and from any web-enabled device such as a mobile phone or tablet.”

✔Your team will have access to an individual & Supervisor Covid-19 Self Screening tool

✔Get your team trained up on recommended Covid-19 best working practices

✔Digitally sign off on new training to prevent cross contamination with paper processes

✔Assess the competency of the training with your employees

✔Access to best working practice documents

Each user will get their own log in and can access Obbi Lite from any smart device e.g. mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

The great news is that we are offering it free for one month to help those returning to work, but limited subscriptions are available. For full information you can visit their new website here<>.