Digital Catapult is hosting on IOT Asset Management Webinar on June 4th at 16:00. 


The event is designed to provide deeper understanding into how asset tracking can be implemented in factories, on site and across supply chains. The session will provide the opportunity to learn about the digital technologies involved, how to calculate savings from asset tracking with ROI tools, as well as a chance to hear from industrial adopters and innovators like Elements Technology.

The session will cover how asset tracking can:

  • provide benefits and cost savings for industry such as streamlining supply chain
  • Provide transparency on how goods move through factories to drive better and longer use out of assets
  • drive savings to end users by ensuring production and delivery are completed in a timely manner and increased ETA accuracy

The class is being held on Thursday 4th June at 16:00 and if companies want to learn more about it they can register their interest here.