Economy Minister Diane Dodds today confirmed applications are to open for Part B of the Covid Restrictions Business Support Scheme (CRBSS).

An online eligibility checker will be available from 6pm today (Wednesday), enabling businesses to check if they are eligible and begin gathering the supporting information needed to make their application. The scheme will open for applications at 6pm tomorrow (Thursday).

Part B of the CRBSS is aimed at businesses that supply goods and services, either directly or indirectly, to businesses defined in the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No.2) Regulations. Part B is also aimed at businesses that are dependent on a business named in the Health Protection Restrictions (No.2) Regulations being open and fully operational in order for it to operate.

If eligible, businesses will receive a one-off taxable grant. The amount of grant will depend on the circumstances of the business and the length of restrictions they are subject to. For eligible businesses paying business rates directly to LPS, the grant payable will be based on the Net Annual Value of the property and range from £2,000 to £4,800. Eligible businesses not paying business rates will receive a one-off grant payment of either £1,500 for those restricted for five weeks or £1,800 for those restricted for six weeks.

More information on Part B of the CRBSS, including detailed Guidance Notes, FAQs and the eligibility checker, is available at:

Both Part A and Part B of the schemes are administered by Invest Northern Ireland on behalf of the Department.

The Minister said: “I fully understand and appreciate the difficulties local businesses are facing. My focus is firmly on helping local businesses mitigate the impact of restrictions and be positioned to resume trading and contribute to the economic recovery.

“Part B of the Covid Restrictions Business Support Scheme will support businesses not named in the regulations but are in the supply chain of those businesses named in the regulations and have been severely impacted. For example, businesses that supply food to businesses in the hospitality sector.

“Part B of the CRBSS will also support businesses that provide services to a business defined in the regulations, such as cleaning.

“Lastly, this aspect of the scheme will support businesses that do not provide goods or services, but are dependent on businesses defined in the regulations being open in order to operate. This could include businesses in the events sector.

“The one-off grant for eligible businesses will help them get through this difficult period, assisting with covering overheads and being ready to trade in the future.”

The Minister also announced that successful applicants to Part A of the CRBSS will automatically receive an additional payment to cover the extended period of restrictions while they are required to stay closed. Furthermore, she confirmed applications to Part A of the CRBSS will close at 6pm on Friday 27 November.

She said: “Those businesses that receive payments under Part A of the scheme do not need to submit an additional application to cover the additional period of restrictions announced by the Executive last Thursday, the additional payment will be made automatically.”

The Minister added: “In order to proceed with Part B of the CRBSS and remain ready to adapt and respond to the continuously changing wider context, I must close applications to Part A of the scheme by Friday 27 November and to Part B of the scheme by Thursday 10 December.

“I urge all business owners who believe they are eligible for either Part A or Part B to visit the nibusinessinfo website, check their eligibility and submit their applications where appropriate.”